Trump's tweets have a way of drawing out the opposition

NY Times:

Trump Lawyer: Despite Tweet, President Is Not Under Inquiry

  • President Trump’s tweet was merely a response to news reports that he was now a subject of the expanding Russia investigation, Jay Sekulow said.
  • Mr. Sekulow made the assertion on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” though he acknowledged that he had no way of knowing for sure.
I think Sekulow is probably right.  He is also right that Trump's opponents have been alleging that he is under investigation even though there has been no confirmation of such allegations by the Mueller team.

As in the case of Trump saying he had been "wiretapped" he was reacting to media reports and his statements wound up exposing in both instances that his opponents in the media have been winging it in their hopes of helping with a coup attempt against him.

The tweets will complicate the works of his lawyers, but they also tend to draw attention to the overreach of his opponents.  They do have a way of throwing his opponents off balance and off message.  I think most lawyers would prefer to have a client who allows them to help manage his message about legal problems, but in the end, you deal with the client you have.


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