Poll suggests that anti-energy left overstated its case against dropping the Paris deal

Daily Caller:
Registered voters are unlikely to hold the U.S.’s decision to bail from the highly contentious Paris climate deal against President Donald Trump, according to a survey from The Washington Post.

Voters are twice as likely to approve of President Donald Trump’s decision to exit the climate agreement — 33 percent to 15 percent, pollsters noted Monday. The ABC-WaPo poll found the majority of those surveyed oppose Trump’s decision.

Still, the poll appears to give some credence to a poll earlier this month from Reuters, which found citizens are more concerned about the economy and national security than they are climate change.

Reuters found that only 4 percent of people believe the environment is a bigger issue than the economy, terrorism, immigration and other more pertinent issues.
While the hysteria from the left may have made some wary of Trump's move, when you dig down into the numbers the voters are much closer to Trump's position than they are that of the Democrats.


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