New company helps Americans flee blue states

CNS News:
Former Congressional candidate and Iraq veteran Paul Chabot can help you move from a blue state to the biggest red one.

On May 23, Chabot announced on Twitter that he had started a company called Conservative Move to help those looking to leave liberal land for conservative country.

According to Chabot, the new company’s website received over 3,700 visitors within four hours of launching, and 500 families have signed up so far.

“The Democrats are so extremely liberal that it’s disenfranchising the voters in their states,” Chabot told, noting that high taxes, crime and poor educational systems are alienating even some life-long liberals. “California is so completely out of step with the rest of the country.”

So far, Texas and Arizona have been the most popular locations that conservatives have wanted to move to, he said.

Conservative Move lays out a five-step relocation plan on its website. First, your family can see if moving to a more conservative area is right for them. Chabot’s website boasts of great schools, low crime, and good-paying jobs in northern Texas. The company plans to cover more areas of the country as it expands.
There have been a lot of people making this move on their own, but facilitating others to move to places like Texas is a good idea.  I would like to see more conservatives move to the Austin area to counteract the evils of liberalism in that area.


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