Democrat hypocrisy on display in Comey hearings

NY Times:

Democrats Once Had Only Contempt for James Comey. But That Was Then.

To the party’s members on the Senate Intelligence Committee, the issue of how Mr. Comey performed in his job is distinct from the issue of how he was forced out of it.
Democrats were angry with Comey for the wrong reasons during the investigation of Hillary Clinton's mishandling of classified material.  The fact is that Comey's screw up was not indicting her like the DOJ would anyone else who so egregiously mishandled classified material.  They, like liberals in the media, were willing to give her a pass that would not be afforded a Marine Corporal who did much less.

Now Democrats are angry because Trump fired him.  They are mainly relying on Comey's self-serving memos to his file, which by the way, he failed to write after his interview with Hillary Clinton.  But Comey's written testimony appears to largely exonerate Trump from the charges the Democrats would like to use as an excuse to impeach him.

The Russian investigation is so far looking like a Democrat scam to come up with an excuse for losing an election.  They got nothing yesterday with the intel guys and they are not likely to get anything today if Comey sticks with his written testimony.


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