They are as ignorant of history and economics as Sanders is

Nate Silver:
Why Young Democrats Love Bernie Sanders
If they really think socialism is such a good idea, they should talk to the people still fleeing Cuba or those waiting in line to buy basic commodities in Venezuela.  There is also a naive belief that "no one has done it right" without examining why command economies always fail.

For example, no one knows exactly how many eggs and slices of bacon are needed in New York city everyday and if they tried to determine it they would always be wrong, because it changes for reasons they can't fantom.  But the capitalist system and the laws of supply and demand figure out ever day without intervention from the state.  Thus, New York residents do not have to stand in line for hours because the items are too scarce nor do they have to worry about excess supply, because when that happens the price drops and more of the product is consumed.  But if you ask the Sanders voters what socialism is and why it has been such a failure, they do not seem to have an answer.

BTW, the Cubans no longer can claim that they are failures because of an embargo, and Venezuela has never had to deal with a US embargo.


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