Obama hears about health care, taxes in Iowa backyard

Washington Post:

Back in Iowa, President Obama got an earful Wednesday from voters about two of his key policies: health care, and his desire to roll back Bush-era tax cuts.

In a state with a highly educated electorate - and where voters are accustomed to challenging aspiring presidents every four years - Obama did his share of listening while audience members did a big portion of the talking.

Standing in the back yard of a resident, Obama stood patiently as one woman described, at length, her fears that the U.S. health-care system will soon resemble that of Great Britain. Next, a man spent several minutes describing the way his small business works - and his unhappiness with the prospects of a tax hike.

This probably was not the conversation he had in mind when these trips to "reconnect" with the voters were planned. I don't know if they will match the one with his weary former supporter in Washington, but he probably needs the earfuls.


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