Colombia able to place GPS in FARC leaders boot

Daily Mail on Sunday:

The jungle raid which resulted in the death of Colombian FARC leader Mono Jojoy was accomplished after agents fitted his boot with a GPS tracking device.

Jojoy, who was known as ‘Colombia’s bin Laden’, suffered from diabetes, which combined with the rigours of living in the jungle had resulted in injuries to his feet.

It was for this reason he was forced to order a special pair of boots – in a message which was intercepted by Colombian intelligence.

As Operation Sodoma swung into action, government agents were able to intercept the boots and rig one of them with a tracking device, El Mundo reported.

Jojoy’s fate was sealed the moment he put the boots on, pinpointing his exact location to the Colombians.

There is much more.

This is some pretty good work by the Colombian intelligence service. It would be interesting to hear how they were able to intercept the order for shoes, but I suspect they knew of his condition and knew who could provide what the FARC leader needed.

I have mentioned before that I suffer from diabetes. I don't have to wear special shoes, but I do take medication three times a day to improve the circulation in my feet. I would add that I am also not having to live in the jungle and stay on the move.


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