Alaska Democrat Senator threatens hardball fight against anti energy policies

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The Hill:

Sen. Mark Begich (D-Alaska) might use Sen. Mary Landrieu’s (D-La.) playbook to force the White House to clarify its policy on oil-and-gas drilling off his state’s coast, telling reporters he hasn’t ruled out blocking an administration nominee over the issue.

“I will use whatever means necessary to get them to respond to this. All we are asking for is a very simple thing: Tell us what the rules are and give us a timetable. That is not complicated,” Begich said Monday after testifying before a presidential commission probing the BP oil spill.

Landrieu is blocking a Senate vote to confirm Jacob Lew as White House budget chief until the federal ban on deepwater oil-and-gas drilling is lifted or modified.

Now Begich – another pro-drilling Democrat – said he’s looking at the procedural options that the Senate rules allow too. He wants a clear signal from the Obama administration on allowing companies to move ahead with exploratory drilling.

See the post below on how the administration has been bought by Big Green and that is the reason they are pushing their anti energy policies. Begich and Landrieu need to join with the GOP in fighting them. The North Dakota Democrats should also join the fight.
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