Midwest to lose six house seats

NY Times:

Whatever the outcome of the fall elections, one political loser this year seems certain: the Midwest.

State population tallies, to be revealed at the end of December, are expected to show that in the coming reapportionment of Congress, seats will be lost across this region — in Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio and perhaps, experts say, Minnesota or Missouri.

“When you think about losing six seats this time around,” said Tom Gillaspy, the state demographer of Minnesota, “that’s stark.” Minnesota is one of 12 Midwestern states that together commanded 143 Congressional seats a century ago, but that number is predicted to shrink to 94.

Part of the problem is that people moved looking for a warmer climate. Just think of how much better off these states would be if Democrats would quit fighting "climate change." Instead they are forcing people to move to get one.

But seriously, Democrat politics and unions have also made it difficult to create jobs and keep the ones they have. Union overreach on pensions as much as bad marketing killed the competitiveness of the domestic auto industry based in the Midwest. Union overreach is also driving people out of California now, but in their case it is the public employees unions that are killing jobs in the state as taxes rise to unsustainable levels and deficits are still not cleared. Unions do not give employers the flexibility to match their costs with their cash flow. The only time they care about revenues is when they are higher than cost, then they want more.

There is a reason why Toyota built a huge truck facility in San Antonio and not in Detroit and why they closed a facility in California. Democrat politicians and liberals still don't seem to get it.

Perhaps this is also why Texas is getting four new house seats.


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