Colombia has another treasure trove of FARC laptops to explore


Experts in Colombia are trying to crack the codes to 15 computers and almost 100 memory sticks belonging to Colombia's largest rebel group.

They were seized on Thursday after a massive raid on a Farc jungle camp.

One of the laptops is believed to have belonged to its military leader, Mono Jojoy, who was killed in the attack.

Police are hoping to find information which could reveal the whereabouts of 20 members of the security forces held captive by the Farc.

The computers are being examined by 40 experts from the police criminal investigation unit in the capital, Bogota.

Police officials said the 15 laptops, 94 memory sticks and 14 hard discs contained 11 times more information than that seized from Raul Reyes, a senior Farc leader killed in a raid in 2008.

They believe one of the 15 laptops seized was Mono Jojoy's personal computer. Its screen was reportedly shattered by bullets, but its hard disc was still intact.

There is more.

There is also liable to be more embarrassing material about Venezuela and Chavez on the computers and thumb drives. That is where they transport their drugs to Africa and then Europe.

If the FARC are avoiding voice communications, the Colombians are still doing a good job of surveillance on the group in order to find them. I suspect they will get even more information after they got through their trove.


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