Palistinians biggest problem is Palestinians

The Arab News comentary on Palestinian leadership is refreshingly brutally frank.


"Yes, the Arabs have been derelict in their duty toward their Palestinian brethren, politically, militarily, financially and on the humanitarian level. None of us can be proud of our achievement — on the contrary we are all ashamed of it.

"However, there is a concomitant shortcoming on the Palestinian side, which is after all the main victim of the tragedy that is unfolding before our eyes. Their impotence is one reason why the Arab Ummah and its leadership are so helpless.

"It is the Palestinian leadership above all that must reform itself — because that is easier than reforming 20 Arab countries at once. Arabs are being criticized for their political failure, which has reached the point where they can’t even agree to have a meeting. When they do meet they are unable to agree, and if they do somehow agree they come out with flimsy statements. The history of Arab meetings over the decades is clear evidence of this.

"But in Palestine the situation is not much better. The multitude of factions and organizations refuse to meet; they may talk about it but never do. If they finally convene a meeting through a mediator they usually fail to agree. In the few instances when they did in fact agree, they published enthusiastic statements and then went back to disagreeing among themselves.


"In an interview with Al-Jazeera, former Palestinian Prime Minister Abu Mazen revealed explosive information about the way his country and its issues are run. It was essentially a condemnation of the Authority’s work and its leader. Personal interests have taken precedence over national interests. If this had happened in a country built on respectable organizations, all those who participated in that mockery would have been held accountable, especially since all the while citizens are paying the price with their blood."


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