Kerry's disingenious disclosures

Boston Herald:

"Sen. John Kerry's disingenuous disclosure strategy is raising far more questions than giving answers.

"With the dust-up about his military records barely settled, the Kerry campaign is coming up with an excuse a minute to keep from releasing Teresa Heinz Kerry's tax returns. And last week's decision to detail Kerry's meetings with lobbyists backfired badly.

"When it comes to political disclosure, there's no such thing as going halfway.

"Kerry bungled the release of his war records, stalling and therefore raising doubts about his service.

"The Kerry campaign has now changed its story three times - count 'em three - about why it won't release Teresa Heinz Kerry's tax records (though it's 'reconsidering'). First, the refusal was to protect Heinz Kerry's privacy. Then it was to protect her sons' privacy. Now, it turns out, Kerry's wife hasn't even filed her 2003 tax returns and has an extension until August.

"Kerry still hasn't fully released his health records, and the lobbyist records he put out only date back to 1989. A full four years of Kerry's Senate service is unaccounted for.


"And the missing four years of lobbyists' meetings raise questions about Kerry's activities during a time when Kerry himself has said he can't remember where he lived. (Boston Globe reports in 1996 determined Kerry, at various times in his first Senate term, lived at cut-rate rent or rent-free on the dime of political fund-raisers, including Robert Farmer, then a senior vice president of a major Washington lobbying firm.)"


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