Kerry voting against West Virginia

Robert Novak:

"Last Oct. 20, Sen. John Kerry, in nonstop derision of President Bush, declared: "Where we see a beautiful mountaintop, George Bush sees a strip mine." That environmentalist rhetoric, backed by Kerry's Senate voting record, injects the senator into confrontation with the coal industry that could defeat him for president. That is his burden in Wheeling, W.Va., Monday, on a campaign swing that includes visiting a coal mine.

"Coal is a side issue in Congress, but it is critical to two states won by Bush in 2000 that could decide the 2004 presidential election. Coal production is important for Ohio and absolutely vital to West Virginia. If Kerry is perceived as anti-coal, he could lose both states -- and the presidency.


"Byrd told the Senate that his amendment was intended "to allow for the continuation of our coal industry and the jobs it provides while better protecting the mountains and hollows of the state we love." With the United Mine Workers strongly behind Byrd's amendment, it passed the Senate Nov. 18, 1999, by 56 to 33. Kerry was one of the 33.

"Kerry also co-sponsors environmentalist Sen. James Jeffords's Clean Power Act, which the coal industry regards as a death sentence in eliminating 90 percent of mercury emissions by 2008. The non-partisan Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates the Jeffords bill would reduce coal consumed for electricity by 43 percent, losing 1 million jobs.

"Last year, Kerry voted for (while Byrd was voting against) the Lieberman-McCain Climate Stewardship Act, which would move the U.S. toward the Kyoto global warming protocol. The EIA estimated the bill would reduce coal's share of electricity from 50 percent down to 11 percent, eliminating 50,000 coal industry jobs.


"Nearly all the early political maps made for 2004 have West Virginia swinging back to the Democratic column this year, but the most recent poll by the American Research Group shows a flat-out tie at 46 percent. Kerry does not help by lauding his endorsement by the League of Conservation Voters, an organization that has labeled coal as one of the 'inefficient, destructive fossil fuels of the past that pollute our air and water.' John Kerry on the campaign trail this week predictably will avoid embracing that position."


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