Kerry irresponsible and shows condesending contempt

Bill Sammons, Washington Times:

"Vice President Dick Cheney yesterday accused Sen. John Kerry of 'deeply irresponsible' votes against intelligence funding and a condescending 'contempt' for U.S. allies in Iraq.


"The vice president pointed out that in 1984, Mr. Kerry called for canceling weapons systems used in fighting the Cold War, the Persian Gulf War and the war on terror, including the MX and Patriot missiles, B-1 bomber, Strategic Defense Initiative, F-14 fighter jet and Apache helicopter.

" 'At the same time, he proposed reductions in funding for the Tomahawk cruise missile and the Bradley Fighting Vehicle,' Mr. Cheney said. 'And at numerous times, Senator Kerry has voted against funding weapons systems vital to fighting and winning the war on terror such as the Black Hawk helicopter and the Predator drone.'


"In his speech, the vice president also hammered Mr. Kerry for disparaging the U.S.-led coalition to overthrow dictator Saddam Hussein.

" 'To the many nations that have joined our coalition, Senator Kerry offers only condescension,' he said. 'Senator Kerry calls these "window dressing." They are, in his words, "a coalition of the coerced and the bribed."

" 'I am aware of no other instance in which a presumptive nominee for president of the United States has spoken with such disdain of active, fighting allies of the United States in a time of war,' he added. 'Senator Kerry's contempt for our good allies is ungrateful to nations that have withstood danger, hardship and insult for standing with America in the cause of freedom.' "


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