Kerry agnostics

Vincent Carroll:

"If you were a politician who'd said something 33 years ago that was outrageously out of line - something false, offensive and inflammatory - wouldn't the simplest way to deal with it be to admit your mistake and trust that people of goodwill would understand, forgive and move on?

"If contrition wasn't easy for you, you could always soften your apology by blaming your misstatement on the passion and anger of youth - even if you were a mature man of 27 when you said it.

" John Kerry was given a chance to take this course last Sunday by Tim Russert on 'Meet the Press,' but the presidential candidate refused to seize it. Instead, Kerry tried to have matters both ways: He distanced himself from his 1971 statements regarding atrocities in the Vietnam War while insisting that his charges were essentially accurate. It so happens, however, that they were not accurate or even remotely close to accurate, and the fact that Kerry still won't repudiate what he said means it remains a serious issue."


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