NY Times Saturday release of unflatering Kerry material

John Kerry's anti war activities get something of a Saturday airing at the NY Times.

"When questions were raised last month about whether a 27-year-old John Kerry had attended a Kansas City meeting of Vietnam Veterans Against the War where the assassination of senators was discussed, the Kerry presidential campaign went into action.

"It accepted the resignation of a campaign volunteer in Florida, Scott Camil, the member of the antiwar group who had raised the idea in November 1971 of killing politicians who supported the war. It pressed other veterans who were in Kansas City 33 years ago to re-examine their hazy memories, while assuring them that Mr. Kerry was sure he had not been there.

"John Musgrave, a disabled ex-Marine from Baldwin City, Kan., who had told The Kansas City Star that Mr. Kerry was at the meeting, said he got a call from John Hurley, the Kerry campaign's veterans coordinator. 'He said, "I'd like you to refresh your memory," ' Mr. Musgrave, 55, recounted in an interview, confirming an account he had given to The New York Sun. 'He said it twice: "And call that reporter back and say you were mistaken about John Kerry being there." '

"Such little-noticed moments in Mr. Kerry's past ? including his decision at age 26 to meet with the Vietcong emissaries to the Paris peace talks ? are coming under new scrutiny now, as Mr. Kerry finally makes the presidential run that his comrades in arms, and in the antiwar movement, half-mockingly predicted decades ago.


"Yet while Mr. Kerry is heavily accentuating his five months in combat in Vietnam, he rarely emphasizes his two years working against the war ? though he first catapulted to fame 33 years ago this week when he electrified millions of viewers in asking the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 'How do you ask a man to be last man to die for a mistake?'

"And when Mr. Kerry appeared on 'Meet the Press' last weekend, he disavowed his own remarks on the same show in April 1971, when he said he and thousands of other soldiers had committed 'atrocities.' "


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