Kerry's medal spin

John Kerry is having trouble over inconsistent statements about throwing his medals over a fence in 1971.

You can always tell when Kerry is in trouble over past statements or positions becuase he wil say something like this:

?The fact is I have been accurate precisely about what took place, and I am the one who later made clear exactly what happened. This is a controversy the Republicans are pushing.?

Kerry has said that it is a "right wing myth" that he threw his medals away. But:

"ABC aired and The New York Times published on Monday an exchange between Kerry and a WRC television host in Washington shortly after the 1971 protest. 'How many did you give back, John?' the interviewer asked. Kerry responded, 'I gave back, I can?t remember, six, seven, eight, nine.' The host then noted that Kerry had won the Purple Hearts and Bronze and Silver stars. Kerry said, 'Well, and above that, I gave back my others.' "


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