Islamo Facist do no moral second guessing over collateral damage

Arnold Ahlert:

" Eighty thousand people - 80,000. Men, women and children. Muslims and non-Muslims alike. All slated to be executed by a combination of explosives and chemical poison in a terrorist attack in Jordan.

"This is the true nature of those we are fighting. In fact it is their greatest advantage: There is no moral second-guessing over 'collateral damage.' For the Islamo-fascist, there is no such thing as collateral damage.

"To clearly comprehend what this means, imagine the United States military operating under the same circumstances.

"Fallujah and Najaf? Two well-aimed nukes, end of resistance. The Tora Bora mountain range? A nuclear wasteland uninhabitable for centuries. American casualties? Virtually non-existent.

"Scary? It ought to be. It's exactly the mentality of the enemy."


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