Kerrys present a target rich environment

Washington Post:


"In the couple of months since Kerry effectively locked up the Democratic nomination, Commerce Secretary Donald L. Evans asserted that Bush's opponent 'looks French.' The conservative group Citizens United ran a television commercial last month highlighting his $75 haircuts and 'four lavish mansions and beachfront estate.' When Kerry this month unveiled his 'misery index' to highlight what he calls Bush's economic failures, the Republican National Committee gleefully countered with its own mocking 'Index de le Miserables.' Conservative commentators chortled at news that Teresa Kerry had helped design an official scarf for her husband's campaign.


"The Massachusetts senator's own tax returns produced a gem that delighted opponents no end: He made $175,000 last year, more than his Senate salary, from the sale of a seascape painting by 17th-century Dutch artist Adam Willaerts. The Web site of radio commentator Rush Limbaugh, himself a wealthy man, includes pictures of the Kerrys' properties, with captions offered in English or French. 'Working Americans need not apply,' the narration warns.


"A Democratic strategist who has seen polling data in battleground states worried that the main attack on Kerry, as an equivocating politician who would raise taxes, is being reinforced by attacks on his purported jet-set values. Cumulatively, this Democrat said, the criticism has done damage -- but not irreparable damage -- to Kerry's image."


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