The more troops call

There is a reason why field comanders have not requested more troops on a permanent basis. They do not think they need them. Based on events to date they are correct. US and coalition forces have never faced a situation where they have been out gunned or overwhelmed. In fact in every "major" engagement the results has been a lopsided US win.

The Marines in Falluja have been masterful. The only reason no forces have gone into Najaf is that the locals want to handle the situation and US is giving themand opportunity. There are enough troops in Iraq to handle the situation there if commanders decide to make a move.

So what are John McCain and other hawks beating the drum for more troops for? Apparently they think they are needed for some purpose. Certainly, more troops could help secure the borders and stop more of the infiltration. McCain may also be having flashbacks to Vietnam where the Democrats starved the fighting forces of needed troops. However the situation here is very different. From President Bush and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld we have heard that if the commanders ask for more troops they will get them. So is the "more troops" crowd second guessing the commanders in the field?


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