Falluja Ops II

Rowan Scarborough confirms strategy suggested by Prairiepundit below:

"The U.S. military is using the tenuous cease-fire in Fallujah to monitor insurgent movements and then strike with air power inside the city when provoked.

"The tactic is killing scores of Iraqi holdouts and their foreign allies, as U.S. forces capitalize on intelligence assets and night-vision equipment to hit enemy guerrillas when they cluster in one or two buildings. Marine Corps commanders have the authority to call in air strikes if the enemy appears to be preparing to attack, as well as when they fire.


"The net result today is that the Marines have a large cluster of insurgents — likely 1,500 or more — bottled up in certain sectors of the city that can be monitored. If rules of engagement are met, commanders call in precision munitions from Air Force AC-130 and Cobra helicopter gunships.


"Far from a passive stance, Lt. Gen. James T. Conway, the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force commander, is using the timeout to methodically thin the enemy. His superiors seem pleased."


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