Flip-flop alert


"Flip-Flop, Incoming! Kerry voted for the Patriot Act ... but it contained 'restrictions on our basic rights' and needs to be replaced 'with a new law' that ends 'the assault on our basic rights.' ... no, wait it needs to be strengthened! ... The LAT reports on the Democrats' presumptive nominee adjusting his straddle to fit polls that show the Patriot Act to be popular. ... P.S.: What's striking about Kerry's December '03 speech is the weaselly way it anticipates this future shift to the right by heaping scorn on the Patriot Act while attempting to avoid an actual explicit attack on the law (as opposed to John Ashcroft's 'abuse' of that statute). To the extent the speech succeeded at this, Kerry is dissembling and straddling, not flip-flopping. But I don't think the speech completely succeeded...."


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