The question Assad should have been asked about the sarin attack

Daily Mail:

EXCLUSIVE: Abdul Hamid al-Yousef, from Khan Sheikhoun in Syria, lashed out at Assad after he questioned whether children died in the gas attack, saying: 'We buried them with our own hands.'
I understand why the father would ask this question, but if I were interviewing Assad, one of the questions I would press him on is whether he thinks it would be wrong to attack his own people with lethal sarin gas?   That is a question that is at least likely to make him blink before answering.  It could be followed up with a question about whether such an attack would deserve a death penalty for the person who ordered it.  It would be handy to have his answers to these questions on the record if he is ever brought to trial for committing war crimes.

Here is more evidence for such a trial:

US intelligence officials have intercepted communications that feature Syrian soldiers preparing for last week's chemical attack that left 86 people dead, including at least 27 children.


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