The case for the border fence as well as visa reform

Washington Post:
Why Trump’s wall contradicts today’s immigration trends

Today, the nation’s most vexing immigration challenges are at its doors, rather than along the cracks in its borders. In the last decade, more undocumented immigrants have arrived through ports of entry — and overstayed their visas — than by crossing the border illegally. The Post spoke with seven former commissioners of border agencies about the trends and security needs over time.
Those immigrants illegally crossing the border are more likely to require financial aid and welfare than those who are flying in with a legal visa.  It is also harder to vet them since many do not go through the system.

Which is not to say, that ICE should find a way to track people who enter on a visa and deport them if they overstay.  That should not be that hard to do if check-ins were required and failure to show would result in a default judgment against the persons who do not show for hearings.  ICE should also be permitted to seek default judgments for deportation orders if a person does not show up for a deportation hearing.


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