Democrats' focus on Trump's tax return misses the point

NY Times:

Unreleased Tax Returns May Doom Trump’s Overhaul Effort

  • Democrats have pledged not to cooperate on rewriting the tax code unless they know how it would benefit the billionaire president and his family.
  • Republicans, more than a dozen of whom are also calling for President Trump to release his taxes, remain sharply divided on possible legislation.
This is ignorance on stilts.   While Trump paid more in taxes in one year than most people will earn in a lifetime, those who go through life filing their W-2 and taking the standard deduction have no idea of the hassle that small businesses have in keeping track of profits and losses as well as business expenses and keeping track of withholdings for employees.

By trying to make this issue about Trump rather than the negative impact of the tax code on job creation, the Democrats are defending a bad system that most people who have to deal with it understand better than they.

As someone who just spent several days with Turbo Tax and shuffling through pieces of paper to fill out tax forms, I could care less about what Trump pays or benefits from.  A billionaire can hire lawyers and accountants to keep track of the records needed to avoid overpaying taxes.  The rest of us still have to deal with the crappy system the Democrats love.


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