China needs to rein in its suppliers to North Korean rocket manufacturing

Washington Post:
N. Korea’s rockets are getting an important boost — from China

Despite Beijing's public efforts to rein in North Korea’s provocative behavior, Chinese companies continue to act as enablers, supplying the isolated communist regime with technology and hardware that allow its missiles to take flight, according to current and former U.S. and U.N. officials and independent weapons experts.
Reining in these companies would also reduce the threat from Iran as well as North Korea.  It is worth noting that Chinese rocket builders got a boost from the Clinton administration which gave them US technology. Key Stories on Chinese Missile Allegations
President Clinton greets Democratic donor Bernard Schwartz, head of Loral Space ... investigation into the transfer of sensitive U.S. space technology to China. ... Corp. gave technical data to China in 1995 after a Chinese rocket carrying a ...


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