Why teams have little interests in a polarizing quaterback

NY Times:

Still Without a Team, Kaepernick Looms Over N.F.L.

Many analysts believe teams are refusing to sign Colin Kaepernick because of politics, even as protests inspired by him spread beyond the N.F.L.
Despite being a polarizing figure, I suspect that if he were still effective as a quarterback he probably would still have a job.  He isn't and on top of that, there is some evidence that his disrespect for the national anthem cost the NFL millions of viewers which will impact the owners' bottom line eventually.

I have a low regard for millionaires who wallow in self-pity.  There are many more constructive avenues for his grievances than disrespecting the country that has made him rich.   The NFL has created more black millionaires than any other organization in the country and he is harming their ability to create more.


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