Texas has so far weathered the storm with minimal casualties

Washington Post:
The storm caused destruction in the small city of Rockport, where the mayor confirmed one fatality, and it dumped what could be catastrophic amounts of rain on the battered central Texas coast. Officials say they expect to find further victims as search and rescue operations proceed. More than 200,000 people across the state were without power, and some wastewater and drinking water treatment plants were offline.
Some areas have had significant property damage along the coast but so far the response from all levels of Texas government has been significant.  There are no reports of looting or rioting as Texans go about the business of cleaning up and preparing to avoid flood waters from the rain dump.  The Trump administration has been attentive to Texas's call for help from teh federal government.

Some areas have suffered power outages.  In some cases, that is by design as service providers turn off the power when the wind exceeds 60 mph.  People generally heeded the call to leave vulnerable areas and take shelter leading to the remarkable lack of casualties.

Two burglars were shot by home owners in separate incidents in Texas during the storm.  It is a mistake to mess with Texans.


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