The Charlottesville false narrative is being challenged

American Thinker:
Charlottesville has been used for political purposes to attack Donald Trump and conservatives as racists. The false narrative even underlying those claims appears to be worse than originally suspected.

Thomas Lifson adds:

McAuliffe has been acting like someone with something to hide.

He praised the local authorities for a "magnificent job," as the rest of the nation reeled from the horrific, even lethal violence that resulted from the police channeling the two groups together into a tight space. He falsely claimed that local authorities were "outgunned." The state police denied his assertion that weapons caches were secreted around the city, in effect calling him a liar. When asked to denounce Antifa, he took the approach that earned President Trump hysterical denunciations: blaming both sides but, unlike the president, refusing to name names.

Despite denials of a "stand down" order, it has become obvious, even to the ACLU, that police were kept from doing their jobs, and violence was allowed to unfold before the nation, as the media did their job of blaming conservatives and President Trump for the actions of neo-Nazis.

Clash between protesters and counter protesters. Police says "We'll not intervene until given command to do so." #Charlottesville

— ACLU of Virginia (@ACLUVA) August 12, 2017

A disgraceful episode in American history is likely far more disgraceful than people yet understand. That federal investigation needs to be thorough and speedy.
With McAuliffe still refusing to hold Antifa responsible for their part in the violence, he and the media will lose even more credibility.  Trump was correct in blaming both sides and teh media and the Democrats mad dogging of him was disgraceful.


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