Is the NY Times blind to the violent assaults by Antifa or by Obama's dereliction of duty in enforcing the law?

NY Times:

Trump’s Idea of Law and Order Leaves Leeway on the Law

President Trump has signaled that taking the law into one’s own hands is permissible, within the executive branch or in local police departments, or even against a heckler at one of his rallies.
If this is about criticism of his decision to pardon Arpaio, if Obama had been doing his job, Arpaio would have had no need to round up illegal aliens in his area.  Obama was so determined to ignore the nation's immigration law that his DOJ whipped up a political prosecution of Arpaio based on a wrongheaded decision by a left wing judge.  To those who want to see the immigration laws enforced it look like an injustice that was set right by the pardon.

And speaking of hecklers, when is the Times going to speak out against Antifa and its violent hecklers' veto of speech it disagrees with?  Or does the Times make leeway for liberal fascism?


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