Rescue effort in flooding not limited by race or identity politics

NY Times:

Blue-Collar Volunteers, Rushing to the Rescue in Boats

Using a fleet of Cajun-style airboats, Jet Skis and fishing boats, a massive volunteer rescue effort patrolled the roads turned rivers.
Houston is a multi-ethnic community and people from every group rushed to save lives and were doing it out of a sense of need and dare I say it patriotism.  I recall seeing black people saving those in white neighborhoods and vice-versa.  One black man did not hesitate when asked why he was doing it,  He said, "We are Americans.  This is what we do to save lives."   One of the iconic pictures from the storm is of a white swat team member carrying an Asian woman still cuddling her baby to her chest.

When officials asked for help in the rescue effort hundreds rushed to the scene of the flooding with boats of all types.  I saw two Hispanic guys using truck inner tubes to help people evacuate.  These people are doing the rescues from daybreak to sundown.

As much as this is a story about an epic flood, it is also a story of Americans coming together to save each other without identity politics.  The sniping was left to those who were in studios and newsrooms far away from the desperate situation.


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