Feds say Harvey is worst storm in Texas history

Washington Post:
FEMA director: Harvey is probably the worst disaster in Texas history

“The recovery to this event is going to last many years, to be able to help Texas and the people impacted by this event achieve a new normal,” William “Brock” Long told The Post.
In terms of property damage, that is probably true.  However, It is a long way from the death toll in the 1900 Galveston hurricane which killed 6,000 people.  To date, five deaths have been attributed to the storm with four of those being drownings in Houston.

Questions have been raised about why Houston did not order a mandatory evacuation.  The Governor suggested it, but the final decision was made by local officials who remember the fiasco when a couple of million people tried to leave when a hurricane was coming their way in 2005.


  1. If you add in populations of all the metro Houston suburbs it would be about six million. The logistics of trying to evacuate that many people would be difficult for sure.


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