As hundreds of ISIS fighters surrender in Iraq, Syria is busing even more to the Iraqi border

Daily Mail:
Hundreds of ISIS fighters surrender to Iraqi forces in the desert after fleeing key town of Tal Afar amid intense fighting

  • Footage circulating online purports to show ISIS fighters surrendering in desert 
  • Video could be from Iraqi town of al-Ayadieh, which was partly liberated today
  • ISIS fled to al-Ayadieh when the key town of Tal Afar was recaptured last week
  • Iraqi forces said battle had been 'multiple times worse' than for Mosul's Old City
PJ Media reports that Syria and Hezballah are sending 300 ISIS fighters to the Iraqi border on air conditioned buses.  The Iraqis are not pleased by the move that deposits more terrorists on their doorstep.

What seems clear is that ISIS is totally crumbling on all fronts.


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