What to do about Afghanistan?

Washington Post:
With Army general under fire, Afghans fear abandonment by U.S.

Afghan officials worry about widespread reports that President Trump threatened to fire Gen. John W. Nicholson Jr., the highly regarded U.S. military commander in the war-torn country. They’re also fretting over Trump’s delay in choosing a new military and political strategy.
The problem is not Nicholson, it is the hand he was dealt by Obama's mishandling of the war and by the Afghan's own incompetence in assuming responsibility for defeating the illiterate Islamic religious bigots they are fighting.  

Obama's surge was squandered by his premature withdrawal of forces.  The effort has also been hampered by the US's reluctance to deal with Pakistan perfidy in its handling of enemy sanctuaries.

I suspect that Trump's delay has more to do with his dislike of the options he has been offered.  I suspect none of them look like winners at this point.


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