South Korea shows off extremely accurate bunker busting missile to attack Nork tunnels

Daily Mail:

Bullseye! South Korea shows off pinpoint accuracy of its bunker-busting missiles that could be used to wipe out Kim Jong-un's regime
  • South Korea has been testing a Hyunmoo Missile II during military exercises
  • A spokesman for South Korean president Moon Jae-in said that the missiles 'will be a key component in our kill chain to counter possible North Korean attacks'
  • In a recent test, the missile penetrated the earth before erupting into flames
  • Meanwhile, the US Air Force successfully launched an intercontinental ballistic missile just days after North Korea tested its latest rocket 
This looks like it would be an effective weapon against the North's dug in artillery hidden in a cave complex across the border.  It might also be used against their nuke facilities and missile program.


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