Radical leftist and radical Islamist conspire to create European refugee crisis

American Spectator:

A new book by Christopher Deliso, Migration, Terrorism, and the Future of a Divided Europe (Praeger, 2017), piles fact upon fact to show the massive movement of Middle Eastern and African people into Europe was no cataclysmic wartime event.

It was a deliberate and avoidable phenomenon facilitated by the Turkish government, globalists — including, prominently, George Soros and European Union (EU) leadership — and criminals. The result is a perilous ongoing security threat to the West.

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was “generous” toward refugees from a crisis he helped foment: Some three million Syrians displaced by the Islamic State’s violence found sanctuary in Turkey, living in camps managed by the United Nations or on their own around the country.

But Erdogan banned refugees from taking permanent residence or working (until last year), which created economic pressure as the Syrian war dragged on. A study in 2015 co-sponsored by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Federations found 78% of displaced Syrians in Turkey wanted to stay.

Through 2014, the Turkish and Greek government collaborated to prevent migration across the Aegean, blocking some 11,000 from crossing the border and arresting another 30,000 undocumented people who made it to Greece that year.

As Deliso points out, Turkey has “total leverage” over Europe regarding migration from the East.

By the end of 2015, 1.1 million migrants and refugees arrived in Europe by sea, 80% via the Turkey-Greece route — and little about the war in Syria had changed to explain this mad increase in volume.

Rather, Erdogan used migration to extract concessions from the EU: By March 2016, desperate to make him turn off the spigot, the EU gifted Turkey with 3 billion euro for refugee hosting expenses and visa-free travel for Turkish citizens.

Globalists in various guises agitated for open borders long before there was a Syrian War to blame.

Christopher Deliso calls George Soros a “globalist mastermind behind the European migrant crisis of 2015.”

Soros simultaneously trumpeted the human rights of asylum seekers over the security of borders; lobbied the United Nations, European Union, and U.S. Government to see the world his way; and financed a legion of pro-migration NGOs, think tanks, academics, and activists to facilitate this movement.
European leftists appear to be co-conspirators in their own demise from this "crisis."  The facilitated the migration and encouraged it and are still forcing reluctant countries like Poland to accept the refugees and the terrorist that accompany them.  It has become a humanitarian and cultural disaster for Europe, as well as a looming financial disaster since most of the refugees, refuse to work.  These people are like invaders who demand everything and produce nothing but trouble.


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