Mexico getting a taste of the problems it caused US

NY Times:

A Flawed Asylum System in Mexico, Strained by U.S.

As the United States hardens its border, Mexico has become a goal for Central American migrants. But its asylum program is overwhelmed.
Canada is also having to deal with increased refugee problems.  This is what happens when countries can no longer act as a pass through to people migrating from trouble spots.  It would make sense if both Mexico and Canada helped the US deal with the refugee problem at its source rather than encourage more migration and allow the problem to fester in failed states in Central America and Haiti.

No country can handle all the people from failed states.  Not even the US can do that.  One of the serious flaws in the approach of US Democrats is they have no limiting principle when it comes to refugees.  How many are too many?  Are they willing to take in a couple of billion people to put on benefits?  For Mexico and Canada, the number seems to be a few thousand.  It appears Trump is forcing a more realistic look at the problem in those countries, but Democrats still have not gotten realistic.


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