McMaster losing support among conservatives

NY Times:

Trump Defends McMaster as Conservatives Seek His Dismissal

Nationalist wing of the president’s political coalition unleashes a relentless attack on the national security adviser. “He is a good man,” Trump replies.
I disagree with McMaster on the Palestinians and their absurd position on Jerusalem as well as their support for war crimes against Israelis.  I also disagree with his apparent position on the flawed Iran deal.  I think he is dead wrong in claiming that the Israelis are illegally occupying the area the Palestinians reside in.

McMaster is a good military strategist and tactician.  I don't understand why he is clinging to the failed policies of the past in dealing with the Middle East.  I see more logical movement from the Arab States in their relationship with Israel and Iran than I am seeing from the US State Department and McMaster.


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