DHS doesn't know if border is under operation control

Washington Times:
Top homeland security officials told Congress Wednesday they still don’t have a way to effectively measure border security — a revelation that lawmakers said could doom the chances for passing an immigration legalization bill this year.

Three years after the Obama administration scrapped the previous yardstick, which measured miles of the border under “operational control,” top Customs and Border Protection officials told Congress the new measure they’re working on won’t be ready for public use any time in the near future.

The revelation stunned lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, who said that without a way to measure border security, they may not be able to convince voters to accept a new legalization.

“You do not want the Department of Homeland Security to be the stumbling block to comprehensive immigration reform for this country, and it could happen. So get in the game,” said Rep. Candice S. Miller, chairwoman of the House’s border security subcommittee.

CBP is working on what it calls the Border Control Index, which members of Congress had thought would be the new measure. But Mark Borkowski, who heads CBP’s technology innovation office, said that’s not what they’re planning.

“I don’t believe we intend, at least at this point, the BCI would be a tool for the measure you’re intending,” he said.

So all this time they have been telling us it is the safest it has ever been they really had and have no clue whether it is or not.  They have used a metric related to arrest being down, but that could just as easily be from policies that lead the Border Patrol not to make arrests.


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