Only 43 percent support path to citizenship for illegals

Conn Carroll:
According to a new Pew Research poll, a majority of Americans, 55 percent, oppose granting citizenship to immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally. An even bigger majority, however, 71 percent, believe illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay in the country legally.

Perhaps most surprisingly, no demographic is more supportive of granting citizenship to illegal immigrants than blacks. In fact, at 52 percent, blacks are the only demographic of which a majority supports granting illegal immigrants citizenship. Only 49 percent of Hispanics, 48 percent of Democrats, and 47 percent of college graduates back citizenship for illegal immigrants.

Republican, 38 percent, and whites without a college degree, also 38 percent, are the least supportive of citizenship benefits for illegal immigrants.

Unlike most polls, Pew did not force a false choice on respondents between a path to citizenship or deportation. Instead they offered, “should not be allowed to stay in the country legally,” “be able to apply for U.S. citizenship,” or “be able to apply for permanent residency, but not U.S. citizenship.”
This is bad news for the administration's push for comprehensive immigration reform and appears to be more in line with the approach taken by House Republicans.  This appears to not be the divisive issue Democrats thought it would be.


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