Venezuela gives Hezballah diplomatic cover

el Neuvo Herald:
President Nicolas Maduro manager acted as one of the main promoters of Hezbollah operations in Venezuela, maintaining direct contact with one of its main operational part of its diplomatic when he served as foreign minister from August 2006 until early 2013 .

Intelligence sources told El Nuevo Herald that Ghazi Nasr al Din, appointed by the U.S. government as one of the most important representatives of Hezbollah in Venezuela, was in constant communication with the current leader of the Bolivarian Revolution while serving as South American country's commercial attache in Syria.

"Maduro is who gives cover to Ghazi, who is the person who controlled all activities of Hezbollah in Venezuela," said one source who spoke on condition of anonymity.

This appointment he sought to Ghazi diplomatic cover he needed to move freely outside, from where he coordinated all operations of Hezbollah in Venezuela, the source said.
Why would Venezuela be giving cover to Hezballah?  And, why would Hezballah think it has an interest in South America and Venezuela?   I suspect it is because Hezballah is Iran's proxy for terrorist attacks and it wants to have a base from which to attack the US.  Venezuela is paranoid about the US and wants to help its enemies,

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