The glaring omission on proposed immigration changes--deterrence

Conn Carroll:
The Obama-Marco Rubio amnesty farce

Carroll finds other things not to like about the proposals. Both Obama and Rubio are pandering to Hispanic voters who have this irrational reaction to enforcing the current immigration laws and possibly any future law which would punish those who come here illegally. Despite the desires of both parties to pander to this ethnic minority, there is still a large majority of voters who want to enforce current laws and protect the border from further illegal crossings.

Until Obama or Rubio can demonstrate that the changes they propose will deter future illegals from coming into the country their legislation should be defeated as it was in the Bush years.  If there is no consequence for breaking the law, people will continue to break it.

The big questions both must answer is where is the deterrence in their proposal and what is the consequence for failing to follow the requirements for citizenship?


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