Our next generation of marksman

NY Times:

Selling a New Generation on Guns

Declining participation in shooting sports has prompted gun makers and sellers to pour millions of dollars into a campaign to get firearms into the hands of children.
My grand children are avid marksmen  ranges in age from nine to 15.  They compete in events sponsored by the 4 H club in their community.  Most of the shooting is with 22's.  My son says that the biggest problem right now is finding ammo for even that rifle.  My grand daughter is the youngest and seems to have the steadiest shot, but they are all pretty good.  Their dad was a good marksman in the Marine Corps and spent some time instructing on the rifle range.

In Texas this is not seen as scary as it might to some other Times readers.  They are taught to respect the weapon and its safe uses.  In other words, they are taught gun safety in the real sense and not in the political correct sense of restrictions on ownership.


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