Dealing with Democrats' negative campaign should be GOP priority

There has been much written and said about the future of the GOP and the President's campaign to destroy it.  What the Republicans must do, before 2014 and 2016 is find an effective way to counter the Democrats dishonest negative attacks.  It was these dishonest attacks that were not answered effectively that defeated Romney.  Leaving the attacks unanswered was a major mistake created partly by the President's money advantage over the summer when he was spending his primary money while Romney had spent his primary money for a real primary.

In all the navel gazing that is going on right now, this aspect of the campaign should not be ignored.  The main reason not to ignore it is that Obama is planning on running a similar campaign against the Republican House over the next 20 months to try to defeat them in 2014.  Republicans need to start now to defeat this plan with their own fund raising program and counter attacks on Obama and Democrats.  The problem is not Republican policies, it is Democrat attacks on Republican candidates, and their dirty tricks in the [primaries that produce weak candidates.

While it looks like there is broad agreement to cave on immigration, there should be two things that Republicans should not cave on.  The first is there has to be some negative consequence for coming here illegally.  While we might agree to give them some kind of temporary revocable legal status, we should not grant them citizenship and voting rights./  There also has to be some deterrence for future illegals are we will only see the demands for amnesty again a few years later for the new illegals.


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