Obama and Big Labor lose big in recess appointment ruling


James Sherk of the Heritage Foundation is compiling a list of those cases likely to be invalidated:

a) The NLRB’s “ambush election” proposal that would shorten the timeframe for union elections to less than three weeks and limit the ability of employers’ lawyers to challenge NLRB decisions about who votes in the election;
b) Forcing employers in all industries . . . to bargain with “micro-unions” that represent narrow groups of workers within a company (even workers of a single job title);
c) Limiting employees’ rights to not fund political activities by preventing workers from viewing auditors reports of union spending and by classifying lobbying expenses as “representational activities”’;
d) Preventing employers from ending payroll dues deductions when a collective bargaining agreement expires;
e) Restricting employers ability to limit off-duty access to a workplace in order – thus expanding access for union organizers;
f) Narrowing the definition of supervisors (who cannot be unionized) to expand the number of employees unions can organize;
g) Expanding the definition of “concerted activity” to include public complaints about an employer or boss in social media;
h) Asserting NLRB jurisdiction over public charter schools;
i) Requiring employers to give unions copies of sworn witness statements in investigations into workplace misconduct, chilling the ability of employees to speak freely without fear of repercussions.
The administration is apparently going to ignore the court and push on into the big muddy area of lawless union thuggery.  That will only make any appeal that much more difficult for them.


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