Fighting weakness at Defense

NY Times:

Drawing New Battle Lines, ‘Super PACs’ Take On Hagel

Conservative groups financed by anonymous donors are running ads against Chuck Hagel, the nominee for secretary of defense, reflecting the continuing effects of the Citizens United decision.
Making this a story about Citizens United instead of a story about the weakness of Hagel as a nominee reflects a dual bias in the story's slant.  It appears to be an attempt to disregard the issues raised about Hagel's suitability for the job and focus instead on the source of funding of the groups that is raising questions about Hagel's point of view.  It seems to be characteristic of the left these days.  A story that presents a disagreement with liberal orthodoxy on climate change usually ignores the merits of the allegations and tried to negate the assertions by questioning motives especially if some group associated with traditional energy sources helped to get the word out.  It is really a weak form of argument which is directed toward giving liberals an excuse to ignore having to think about a different point of view.


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