Israeli Syrian attack also hit base with 3,000 Iranian Guards

Jerusalem Post:
Iraqi daily Azzaman quoted a Western diplomatic source as saying Thursday that the alleged Israeli attack on Syria reported on Wednesday caused heavy casualties among special Iranian Guards stationed at the Syrian facility. The source also said that the attack took place more than 48 hours before it was reported, eventually being leaked by Israel.

The source for the story, who was interviewed by the paper in London, said that the report about a strike on a convoy to Lebanon was probably meant to divert attention away from the main objective of the operation, which used F-16 aircraft to fire at least eight guided missiles at the facility.

The source also said that the base was heavily fortified and contained experts from Russia and at least three thousand Iranian Revolutionary Guards, who have been guarding the site for years. Many of these Iranian Guards suffered casualties.

Israel most likely got its intelligence, said the source, from penetrating deep inside Iran and from other operations meant to penetrate Hezbollah.

The report came as outgoing US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Thursday that there are signs that Iran is sending growing numbers of people and increasingly sophisticated weaponry to support Syrian President Bashar Assad.

It would be interesting to know how many Iranian casualties were suffered during the strike.  It is unusual for the Israelis to not utterly destroy a target of this nature.  Perhaps it is more of a message to Iran and Hezballah that they are in the cross hairs if they try to move weapons into Lebanon.

A Saudi paper said Iran and Syria had been transferring unconventional weapons and missiles to deliver them to Hezballah.  If that is the case, I suspect there will be more such attacks.

The Israeli attacks complicate things for teh Assad regime which has been using its air force to attack rebels. They will now have to consider having them available to fight Israeli attacks.


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