High tech sensors for Texas-Mexico border?

Texas Congressman Mike McCaul (who represents my district) is trying to secure some of the sensor surveillance equipment that will be no longer needed in Afghanistan to be used on the Texas border with Mexico.  He and Congressman Henry Cuellar recently visited Afghanistan and while there asked the various generals what would happen to the equipment after US troops left and they said it would probably be left behind.

McCaul and Cuellar then contacted DHS to try to get it transferred for use in stopping the infiltration from Mexico.

The problem on the Texas border with Mexico has evolved in recent months.  Now the primary migrant traffic is from Central America and the cartels are now using human trafficking to get them into the US and transport them to major cities where they look for work.  Rather than trying to evade border agents, the cartels are spending time and money attempting to infiltrate and corrupt those agents.

The administration has tried to push the perception that the migration has been vastly reduced, but arrest were up nine percent last year and incident reports by local police who stumble on large groups of migrants suggest it is increasing dramatically.  They are brought in in large vehicles carrying as many as 20 people and delivered to stash houses where 40 or more may stay while they either look for work or are moved to other locations.


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