82% of small businesses say economy on wrong track

Daily Caller:
A new survey by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce shows small businesses with a bleak economic outlook.

More than eight in ten small businesses, 82 percent, feel that the U.S. economy is off on the wrong track. What’s more, over half of small businesses, 54 percent, expect business climate for small business to worsen in the next two years.

Small business owners are concerned about uncertain health care costs. Three-quarters, 75 percent, of small businesses expect the Affordable Care Act to increase costs for their business while only 5 percent reported it would make health care coverage more affordable.

The new health care law is also expected to put a strain on hiring, 71 percent reported that it will make it harder to bring on new employees.
Democrats take the arrogant position that they know more about growing a small business than those people who put their fortunes on the line.  The Unaffordable Care Act is making it extremely difficult for small business to hire additional people and many are actually having to cut back hours for employees to keep the doors open.


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