What kind of culture is this?

Michael Ledeen:


It never ceases to amaze me--truly--that the so-called feminists just can't get their dander up when their sisters are hung or stoned or tortured by the islamofascists. We know better, don't we? So let's rally round this little girl, the one Kathryn wrote about here.

Dear Friends I need your help,

On January 3rd 2006, 18-year-old Nazanin was sentenced to DEATH BY HANGING
by a criminal court in Iran after she reportedly admitted stabbing to death
one of three men who attempted to rape her and her 16-year-old niece in a
park in Iran in March 2005. She was seventeen at the time. Her sentence is
subject to review by the Court of Appeal, and if upheld, to confirmation by
the Supreme Court.

There was a similar case a few years ago of a woman in Iran named Afsaneh
Norouzi who ended up being released because of international pressure.

I have set up a petition that wiill only take you 30 seconds to complete.
PLEASE help save Nazanin's life and sign the "Save Nazanin Petition" at:


Thank you very much, please forward this to everyone in your address book,


Nazanin Afshin-Jam
PS If you would like more information about this issue you can go to my
website at www.nazanin.ca

Part of the sickness of the Muslim culture is the belief that men are not responsible for their actions and that women are the culprits who lure them into demonic action. That is what all the sack dresses and head and facial coverings is all about. It is done to protect them from the male Muslims poor impulse control.


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